Start Out Fresh Intervention Advocates (fondly referred to as S.O.F.I.A.) is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that provides advocacy, supportive services and referrals for temporary housing to “at risk” women and children of domestic violence.

Our mission is to provide domestic violence victims and survivors with assistance and encourage them to be positive, self-sufficient and successful.

The S.O.F.I.A. Success Center is now open! A Healing and Wellness Center for Domestic Violence victims and survivors wherein we offer a variety of free workshops to help in the process of emotional healing and financial independence.

Core Values

  • We value integrity for each individual as unique and inherently worthwhile. Our goal is to build inner peace, independence, security and self assurance with our clients.
  • We value the rights of victims to make life decisions based on being fully informed of all their legal rights and options.
  • We value the growth of our clients. We will commit to overseeing continuous personal improvement, encourage clear and constant focus and will help guide towards self-sufficiency.
  • We value safety, privacy, and justice for all our clients (women and children).